What I Do #5: Persistently Looking for the Best

Ok folks, this is my last in the "What I Do" series. 

not a happy dreamy goo goo crunchy coach. Perhaps I'm more like an
athletic coach in some ways than most life coaches who are more
apparently positive. I'm more like the athletic coach who is looking
with you for how you can do best: what position; what situation; what
training or strategies or supports. Even when I know, and acknowledge,
that life can be pretty sucky, I stubbornly hold on to how amazing it
can be. I do not pretend it's awesome when it's not. I don't tell people to look on the bright side, the half full part, etc, etc. I encourage people to say that something feels lousy when it does- and that life is a bummer when it is. I find that this actually can clear space to find a better experience (especially when not dwelling on the sucky parts, just acknowledging them). And better doesn't necessarily mean grand; it means your better. Amazing is your amazing, not someone else's. The fact that this is different for everyone is what makes my work pretty darned cool and very, very interesting.

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