6 Ways to Deal With a Slow Mind

Crap! My ADHD just hit me like a brick.

I've been relatively lucky so far during this pregnancy- my ADHD symptoms have been limited. (This is something a lot of women with ADHD seem to report, that their ADHD  isn't as bad when they are pregnant.) But today I am experiencing what I remember from pre-pregnancy days. My "planning brain" is slow or non-existent. I'm kind of sluggish in the thinking and the mood.  Maybe it's a good time to revisit some of the things that help on slow-brained days:

1. Notice your mental state.
2. Plan to suit #1. (I'm slow so I can't expect my mind to jump from project to project fluidly).
3. Use rituals (like a cup of tea) to set the stage for planning.
4. Lower your expectations. (Plan only a few things.)
5. Write a few things down that you want to do today (Even if it's hard to get up and a get a pen, or even open the self-addressed email.)
6. Check your list and see if it's realistic. You can't do the same things when your planning brain is on vacation, so pick the right tasks.

I'm off to make a cup of tea.