Working More

Last time I went over some of my perspective on routines, system, and structure. And balance.

Here's why: I'm working more.

I have more client time; less admin/office time proportionally. My kids are more active, so I can't cheat in office time while I'm with even just the little guy.

Now I need to delegate more.

I had a system for delegating. Ok, I've had a couple of different people I delegate things to. Here's what that does for me:

  • define the office work I need to do into smaller chunks. For example, I might need to write text to put into a form or post, and then pass it to someone to post or format.
  • give me a deadline. The person processing my work will need my work- or the task list- at a certain time.
  • provide accountability. I am telling someone what I'm going to get done
  • let me focus on my strengths, and core business. I can figure out how to make a pdf work for people to fill in electronically and email back. I'd rather be writing or coaching in that time.

These things help adults with ADHD focus, plain and simple.

Trick is, now I need to find some one (or more than one) to delegate to. That's a project in itself! That's something many adults with ADHD forget. Or they give up finding help because they underestimate the steps involved in delegating. But do you want to spend your precious hours doing what you're great at- or doing EVERYTHING? That may depend on the balance of your activities, and how much time you have. Mine has been shifting, so it's time to work on support to go with it!