Why is it so hard for ADD folks to get up in the morning?

Today's (and the final) sleep question:

Why is it so hard for people with ADHD (aka ADD) to get up in the morning?


Let me answer this from the predominantly inattentive point of view.

First things first: I forget I'm sitting – lying- in bed, and meaning to get up. Seriously. The brain is not fully awake- just the part that goes "chatter, chatter, thinky, think think" about this and that. It has not yet connected with the body and slowed down to focus on what's up, and me getting up.

Kids are about the only "external structure" that puts a dent in that in a foolproof way; they have needs, they are awake, they let it be known.

Other "external structures" including alarm clocks can be ignored, reasoned with, or snoozed. By reasoned with I mean: you can make yourself believe you don't want to get up because the reasoning is awake enough to trick you, but not enough executive function is available to kick you out of bed, remembering that you ALREADY made a decision to get somewhere/do something/just get up and start your day.

So that's why it's so hard-or one version of it. It's a slow warm-up, with a lot of (internal) distraction on the way.