Using a Calendar Sounds so Simple (if you don’t have ADHD)

I'm coaching a group of terrific people with ADHD right now on time management. I put the group together because… "time management" sounds complex and fancy. Yet in my experience coaching, it often comes down to some dumb-sounding crap like "actually writing it in your calendar" (see previous post).

Other brilliant insights reinforced again in this group are things like "I have to hang my calendar somewhere that it's in front of my face so I can't avoid actually seeing it."

These insights come from people with PhDs. And people who work. And people who study.

Someone told me I'd get bored coaching. I haven't yet- I love helping people figure out HOW to get a calendar in front of their face so they can't avoid it even though they already know full well that looking at it could massively improve their daily lives so you'd think they'd do it anyway.  That would be too easy; we have to do some possibly weird-sounding problem solving.

That's why I love coaching people with ADHD.

 Oh, and by the way: if you want to join up with a group to problem solve and cheer yourself and each other on while you figure this weirdly not simple stuff out with me, send me an email: becca (at)