Some pretty cool things about being a mom with ADHD

  1. I can get excited and playful along with my children- and get really excited that they are excited- about things that seem little. I can immerse myself in emotion, including enthusiasm (and conversely I can be empathetic).
  2. I am experienced. I already knew how to deal with memory issues and cognitive deficits before becoming sleep-deprived and mommy-brained. I am ahead of the curve there- and I am less likely to get bent out of shape about it.
  3. I am flexible. I don't need to try to fit kids into my life; I am used to reshaping my life when new things come along, so I will roll with whatever they need.
  4. I am fascinated by how my kids work and what they need; I can experience every new phase as novel, and let the need for novelty kick in and let me (hyper)focus on them.
  5.  I am used to disorder and chaos. I don't have to try to fix toddler chaos or the hurricane that hit what used to be a living room, even if I need to reset my mind- and my surrounding now and then to calm the inner storm. I am far past having set-in-stone ideas of how my house should be organized or how clean it should be. That means I can enjoy my kids more.