Restarting the To Do List Habit

I haven't used to do lists much lately. To be clear, I haven't had much use for complex to do lists. When you don't have ongoing complex projects, systems for keeping track can be a little bit of overkill; they are more work than they are help. 

Right now, I have stuff written down that's important. That means a giant note to myself now and then, or something in my calendar. I don't have time for much extra, so that's enough. I am adding time into my schedule to do the non-immediate work- I mean, adding time besides my client calls.

The first thing I had to remember is that having more time will feel weird, and it will be hard to focus simply because I have to structure that time and direct my own focus. That's a challenge for a lot of self-employed people, especially in ADHD land.

Then I had to remember it again. Especially because it is not my sharpest-focused of days. I had to remember that I pick tasks according to how cooperative my attention is on a given day or hour.

And then I had to remember to look at the to do lists I had. And start adding stuff.

But now I have to decide where- in what program or location- to put my new to do list.