Remembering Who You Are

I think I've talked about this in various forms here, but the other day a friend mentioned it to me in an aptly worded fashion.

I went away to see family for five days about a week and a half ago. We left on Saturday and returned on Wednesday. This turned out to work really well. Thursdays I work in-person with a client and Friday mornings my work is pretty full with coaching clients. My good friend Dana Rayburn replied to this by saying that this made sense- because I went straight into work, I didn't have to take time to "remember who I am and what I do" when I got back.

Remembering who you are and what you do or what you're about- I feel trite saying it's a central issues in inattentive land. The mind flits about, some days wakes right into daydreaming, with no accounting for whose mind it is. It reminds me of my kids when they get disorganized when they're hungry, tired, or overstimulated, and start dumping toys all over the floor, just can't seem to concentrate on one game. It's not the tantrummy part I'm reminded of, but the disorganization- we wake up unanchored. We shift focus and need re-anchoring. We come home from a trip and need to recognize the harbor, and then find our moorings.  We need this because we have forgotten it all, not because it is unimportant but because we forget.

I bypassed the re-entry transition by starting work immediately; work with a client that organizes me easily and without mental meandering. It feels like the work remembers everything for me.