Sometimes my calendar actually does help me remember

 I didn't post last week because I didn't write it in my calendar.

This is tricky.

My ADHD Coaching clients want to know answers. Like: "Should I write it in my calendar so I remember it?" Answer: that depends.

Sometimes a client will want to write a reminder every day in their calendar for the same thing, or put their morning routine in their calendar. That might work. Or, they might stop seeing it. Or, they might start ignoring it.

In the past, I aimed to write a blog post once a week. I just knew that was part of my week and try to fit in time. But a few weeks ago I decided to try writing a few times a week, and I put the ideas in my calendar. And apparently it worked. Last week I didn't think about writing in my in-between moments, there were no pop-up reminders nagging me- or jogging my mind. And it didn't happen.