Getting back to the workout

I’ve been writing about exercise, and getting to it.
Now I’m trying to get back to it; baby was sick. Then there was that one workout I missed because my car was being towed. Car was sick. Then, I was sick. I’m nearly better, but not all better.
On Sunday my husband recommended I go to my track workout because I’d feel better read:I’d be nicer. No, he’s not that insensitive, but it’s true, I’m a better version of myself when I’ve exercised, usually. But I wasn’t all better. I’m still not all better. My eye is still all puffy. Today was all about a sinus headache. Mostly, I’m better though. And it’s pretty easy to feel torn.

The longer I wait, the harder it is to go back.
That doesn’t mean it makes sense to make myself even sicker by going.

And the complicated self-talk looks like this: "you’re just saying it’s better to wait because you’re trying to talk yourself out of going. Or trying to find a legitimate reason not to go."
Inattentive speedy self-talk is super tricky’ the above is not actually true. I want to work out. The real question:

Would it be helpful to exercise now? Or would it be more helpful to rest?


What kind of exercise would be helpful now? Would be possible right now?

when I’m not feeling great:

What will allow me to ease my way in?
How can I bite off as much as I can chew, and then check back in with myself?

Working out alone, this may mean committing to a little piece and then checking in.
In a group setting, it may mean doing part of the workout, or ignoring the assigned workout. I know I’d want to tell our coach that I’ve had some flu-like bug and I’m starting slow. Not so much for his benefit; but for mine- it not only lets me off the hook, but it sets up the expectation that I won’t do too much.

All that said, I’m kind of hoping track practice gets rained out, because then I won’t get more behind everyone else, while I can rest, or even take a walk and work my way back into it! If it doesn’t, I think I’ll go, do the conditioning exercises, and then take it super slow.