Baby Improves Executive Function

It’s a little bit hard to quantify how my functioning is since the baby came along, partly because no one expects you to see straight when you’ve just given birth, or when you’re waking up every hour with the little one.
But I’ll say this: I am completely flabbergasted with the total vacuum of ability to choose when I do have a moment to, well, choose. When baby is fast asleep in the middle of the day for a little while, for example, and I wasn’t in the middle of cleaning up a disaster or already out on an errand. This is actually the point: Baby dictates most of my waking moments.
I don’t have to choose what I do, or what I focus on. I’ve got this creature who chooses my focus for me- time to feed/change/feed/change/entertain/change. It don’t gotta focus on nothing. Except. What is right in front of me.

Then in the quiet moments, I truly stare into the ether in front of me. Until the little one peeps.