Time boxing

A lot of people talk about using your time efficiently; about using it strategically and opportunistically. It’s an art I’ve been humbly practicing for several years. It’s an art that has been crucial to me because of my own chronic illness- which I know I have yet to talk about. Now it’s crucial because of that new identity of mine (Mommy).

One way of capturing a piece of this art that has stuck with me is this: "Time boxing." I first heard the term on Dave Cheong’s blog. I find it funny that the term seems to come from software development/project management, a world in which I have worked. I find that thinking about project management like a software engineer has advantages sometimes, maybe just because it’s a way of abstracting away from my own navel-gazing details; yet funny that through all the reading about time management, adhd, and coaching, that this term from the other realm, as it were, would stick with me.

I’m using it right now. Baby has conked out briefly in his seat. I want to go to the grocery store/ cook that stew/ go for a walk/fold the laundry. But Baby is asleep, and because he’s getting over a cold, I want to keep him warm and cozy. My usual walking buddy seems to be out. And Baby loves watching me fold laundry so why would I do that now? I have plenty of work to do but most of it requires undivided- uninterrupted attention. This task, however, can be started, and put on hold until the little one cries… which is now….