The Sound of My Brain is Boing, Boing, Boing.

The comedy to me is that I forgot that it was time to put the baby down for a nap. This makes me laugh because it was kind of the answer to all of my problems this morning. See, at the moment i have a different type of schedule each day; some days I have both kids home. Some days I have just the baby, and sometimes, my husband is home to help look after the kids so I can do some work.

Lately, on Thursdays I have the whole day alone with the baby. I can do some work. But the baby needs a lot of attention, which is fine- but infants are a moving target; it is really hard to establish some kind of routine around what they need because it changes every couple of minutes, well ok, pretty often. As a result, I forgot to use his current needs as part of the structure that I NEEDED in order to stop bouncing off the walls in my own head. Now that he is having a nap (who knows if it will be 15 minutes or 60) I can do a little work. That is my WORK time, and when I get some work done then I can move on to some other categories. But instead this morning, the categories kept throwing themselves at me and then all the to do lists inside each category…

I could do some errands. Yeah, baby is happy when we do errands, it keeps us both occupied and I really need to get a pair of walking shoes that fits better. Oh and there are all those other errands.

But I really need to write a blog post, write some e- OH wait, I need to do the laundry and it would be great if I got it foldOH what about the walk I am supposed to take oh wasn't I going to contact my old trainer so I could get some exercises sorted out so I could exercise more and OH what about that mommy-baby group I go to once in a while OH I had better do the dishes HEY can I put the baby down long enough to put the wash in the dryer (hey look there's my cell phone headset in the washer…) GEE it is Thursday I could work on dinner GOSH what about those lunch dates I wanted to set up and that appointment I wanted to set and I really would ignore all of it if I could settle into my work but I can't do that if the baby wants all my attention….

And that attention is why I had decided some time ago that Thursdays I did a LITTLE bit of work at  some point during the day when I was able. A couple of things. For the rest I would do stuff with the baby. Yet in this cloud of unstructure today, I forgot that if I went upstairs, rocked him to sleep and put him in his crib, I would have the time, right now.