Sweet Music, Warm Laps.

Here’s my new favorite album: Sing-a-longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George, by Jack Johnson.
It’s super sweet. It’s sweet like the sweetie napping in my lap while it’s still playing. This morning was one big fuss-a-thon, including top-of-lungs screaming on attempts to seat in high chair; wailing on attempts to put down so mommy could eat anything at all; attempts to steal oatmeal with nuts in it; crying when put down to crawl while I got dressed even though what you seemed to want was crawling… and now he’s napping so sweetly in my lap. Talk about time boxing; this is the very best time to use my computer. I’m not sure if resting one arm on a baby and bending the other one around his head is exactly what the hand therapist meant by "neutral position" but, um, at least I’ve got a blanky over my cold feet?
As for music that some of you may find sickly sweet, first of all, it’s great for dancing with a baby to, and way less sickly sweet than actual made-for-baby music. Second of all, hasn’t the world filled its quota of "challenging" and painful experiences? Curl up and enjoy whatever you can enjoy. It’s contagious and that’s what the world really needs.