Some ways to connect with people

 Following up on my last post, where I talked about some of the difficulties people with ADHD have in making friends, I wanted to mention some ways I have seen that can work well to build friendships and community.

  • Clubs. I joined and attended a Toastmasters club for several years. I didn't become close friends with a lot of members, but I got to know people and enjoyed their company while I was there. As a bonus, because it is a public speaking club, I got more comfortable talking with people by going!
  • Neighborhood groups. I started an email list for people in my neighborhood and then started having some casual get-togethers. Starting groups like that by email makes it a little easier. You don't have to be majorly outgoing to get to know people
  • Moms/parents groups. Unfair advantage when you are a parent.
  • Sports groups. They dont have to be team sports, I find often people with ADHD do well in groups for runners or swimmers or triathletes or other individual sports
  • Dancing- kind of fits under sports, but  I have found several people I've worked with have done great with the social structure and environment- and the fun- of swing dancing, or other forms of dance. 

These are just some thoughts. It is worth it to find community. What has worked for you?