I want to pick up where I left off last week: curiosity and the scientist-mode.

Today I am not feeling so well. Had a migraine yesterday, and migraine effects last longer than an afternoon, even if the meds work. The side effects from the meds may last a while, too. Or, the migraine could be part of a virus.

I don't know which. I do know that my ADHD makes it hard for me to step back and notice what my energy level is, and what my body is feeling like.

Oh yeah, I don't feel great. Oh yeah, I was gonna do stuff on my list. Oh yeah, now I gotta push through or forget about it….

or not. Maybe I need to listen to how I'm feeling, how my mind is working, and see what I maybe can do. I've said this a lot on this blog; that we start with what we CAN do, that it might depend on a lot. But I still have to remember this from moment to moment, when it is easier to criticize myself for seeming lazy or inert, or whatever.As soon as I do that, I have forgotten that the self-criticism is actually an enemy of any kind of productivity- and awareness.

What's the bottom line? If I can review what I have been working on, my open tasks and projects, if only to put them away again because I'm under the weather, that's actually a lot more progress than ignoring the list and hammering at myself instead.