News Flash! I’m joining the crew at the ADD Coaching Club!

Starting at the beginning of January, I'll be coaching as part of the ADD Coaching Club, in addition to my  individual coaching services. I'm excited about it, because it gives people the opportunity to get benefit from coaching in a much more economical way. While coaching in a group doesn't provide the same individualized attention as one-on-one coaching (and isn't right for everyone),  the group can provide its own powerful support. And it allows me to get to know lots more people, which is one of things I love about coaching.

The ADD Coaching Club will be open for new members to join again on January 5th. Starting January 9th, if you are a member, you can call in to my group sessions Fridays at 10:00AM Eastern Time.
Members can call in to any and all of the four group coaching sessions each week. Each session is run by a different ADHD coach. I know all of the coaches personally, and think they're all great; we each have a different style, so you can try out different coaches and see what works best for you!