More Attention, Less Deficit

Up today: a (relatively) new book about Adult ADHD, called More Attention, Less Deficit, by Ari Tuckman PhD.

This is actually one of the newer books I would recommend as an addition to your references on ADHD if you or your partner has ADHD. Specifically, I would treat it as a reference book. It is chock full of suggestions and strategies to work with ADHD issues as well as clear explanations.

It is not the kind of book that I, for one, would read from start to finish. It isn't the kind of book you read to understand your emotional and deep experience of ADHD the way some of the classics Adult ADHD are. That also means for me, that  I don't get swept up in reading it for hours. And I don't want you to purchase it and then get mad at yourself for not reading like a non-ADHDer  like that!

Instead, it's a book I like to pick up and check out the information on various topics and questions related to ADHD. I think it would be good for a partner or family member to help understand various aspects of ADHD, as well as for the adult with ADHD themselves- and I say various meaning MANY because it covers a lot from diagnosis to symptoms to social issues to life issues to medications to all kinds of other management strategies. It is organized and indexed well and clearly to make it easy to use for this. In fact, few of the other books around, while they do touch on the sort of gestalt experience of adult ADHD, serve as this kind of useful reference that could be super helpful to add to your bookshelf!