Mommy and Baby Self-Care Checklist

One of the great tips I got as a new parent was the why-is-he-crying list. In other words, when baby (particularly useful for a newborn, but later on as well) is wailing and you don’t know what to do, systematically run down the list of things he might need or that might help. This list might look like this:

  1. Check diaper
  2. Feed.
  3. Check skin temp. Too hot? Too cold? Just right?
  4. Make sure clothing/diaper isn’t rubbing/stuck/etc.
  5. Provide movement, by carrying. Or in a sling. Or in a rocking chair. Or in a stroller. Et cetera.
  6. Change stimulus level: put music on/turn it off
  7. Try putting baby down, maybe he needs a little space (again, changing stimulus)
  8. Remember to repeat. He may have wet his diaper after step 2, or gotten hungry.

This is just a sample, and it varies a bit by the baby. The funny thing to me is that a lot of adults, particularly those with ADHD, need basically the same list:

  1. Go to the bathroom.
  2. When did you last eat? Eat something, preferably with protein.
  3. Drink some water
  4. Is your clothing comfortable?
  5. Change your physical state. Walk around or run around or dance around.
  6. Put on some music/change the music/make it quiet/ brighter/dimmer.
  7. Do something different from what you’re doing, something more interesting for a little while.
  8. Remember to repeat. Eating and peeing once a day isn’t really often enough.

Off to change my diaper. I mean the baby’s. I think.