I started coaching in 2000, while I was living in the Netherlands working in systems engineering at a major financial institution. This was around the same time I started to learn both about ADHD in myself and others. I loved the pragmatics of coaching, and how it could use the quirky approaches that work for people to build successful and happy lives.

Before my IT job I had left a PhD program in Linguistics. I was frustrated by my lack of structured progress. Learning about ADHD changed everything I understood about what had worked and what hadn’t. When I worked on my Master’s at the University of Amsterdam (in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences) I worked with a professor on my thesis who gave me weekly structure through questions and steps to work on next. Essentially, she was coaching me and challenging me. When I learned about ADHD I realized this had been an excellent fit for how I work and what I need. Since then I’ve learned more and more about what I need to function best.

I’m still in love with finding out about the sometimes unusual systems that work really well for people, and helping them contribute more and be more of who they are. Raising two children, who have quite a bit in common with me, has added  a new world of both challenge and understanding that enriches my life and my work.