Laptop Broke

The laptop isn't charging. We just replaced the battery, now we're getting a new charger, then we'll see. I'm also buying a new (used) laptop sometime soon so that I'm not sharing a laptop with my husband. Meanwhile, I feel surprised at how hard it is for me to do certain kinds of work sitting at my desk. I'm not sure why I feel surprised. I know myself better than than by now. But I'm surprised. And, it somehow just seems weird. Maybe I can chalk that up to forgetting the basics about myself (and my inattentive brain). Here are some things I know but sometimes forget:

  • I can do certain rote tasks better while I have the TV on. Some examples include folding laundry and going through piles of paper.
  • I can do certain mental and creative tasks better when I'm around other people, such as writing (blog posts or other things)
  • …but I need to control my noise environment while I'm doing those things
  • Changing location can help me shift to a different task.
  • If I don't touch a hard task for a while (like clearing my desk) I feel ill and anxious when I start working on it, but I can often work on it for a long time once I get started.

What are some things you know about your own work style that you tend to forget?