What I Do #4: Integrating

For many
people, coaching conversations help them integrate self awareness, ADHD
awareness, and an understanding of their daily lives, frustrations, and
progress. This can be a fairly long process. It's part that may be hard to conceptualize at the outset of coaching. As one psychologist put it to me, after an ADHD diagnosis, it takes a few years to begin to understand who you are. What he meant was, that there is all this information about ADHD, and about yourself, to begin to uncover and sift through as you live your daily life. You can start to make connections between that information and your experiences. You might find new explanations for how certain things are going; and see where you are actually going to have trouble with tasks; what is a matter of new strategies and what is a matter of adjusting goals to fit yourself. This is a period in which goals and ideas of what someone wants tend to shift around. It's really like a process people tend to go through, figuring out what they're like and what they like, in college… but some of us have to put together some more puzzle pieces before we can get down to it.