Inattentive ADHD video on WebMD

Thanks to Pete Quily  and his blog for bringing my attention to this nice little video clip on WebMD about ADHD, which you can find here. This clip  starts out showing ADHD boys with hyperactivity, but then talks about, to paraphrase Tom Brown in the video, girls not getting diagnosed because they don’t make enough trouble for other people, because they’re not hyperactive. As is so common, it focuses only on children with ADHD, but it does so in the context of how we slip through the cracks, until later, or until, well, never, when we’re predominantly inattentive.

Not discussed in the video but really important I think is how much impact it has when children and adults are suffering from unidentified ADHD for a long time. The video does touch on the important point that inattentive symptoms are invisible- and therefore disbelieved. All in all, an impressive job on the part of WebMD in a three-minute video. If you’re really impatient, start at about 1:00 (one minute) to skip right to the inattentive point.