I’m Back! Declutter Group and Coaching Restarting.

Hi Everyone,

I failed to write a New Year's and back-from-maternity-leave post yesterday. It vanished, which is all part of restarting, no? Let me just pass on goings on of the day here and write more interesting stories when I don't have a toddler vying for Youtube firetruck videos on the laptop:

THROUGH TODAY, sign up for my January Declutter Action Group for the discounted price at http://www.adultaddclutter.com.

I'm back to coaching with the ADD Coaching Club as of this week for low-cost coaching.

I also have limited space available for one-on-one coaching. If you are interested, contact me at becca (at) coachbecca (dot) com.

And I will be returning to work gradually since my #2 son has been born!

Thanks for being patient with my absence, and Happy 2010 everyone!