I’ll take it.

Yesterday my husband was getting ready for a work trip. It's rare that he is home with me while our son is elsewhere, but it was a work day for me so the tot was at daycare, hence a rare opportunity for a few quality alone-time moments. Alas, my husband was a bit hyped up, following up on quote requests before leaving the office behind; packing; looking up baggage fees for the airline; finishing some work on a fence he's building; and so on. So when he couldn't sit with me and chat for a few minutes we had this conversation:
Him: I'm sorry. It's just that my mind is racing in a thousand directions right now.
Me:  Oh. Yeah. I kinda feel like that on a daily basis.
Him: I know.

So I realize, he may not get all kinds of girl stuff, like needing to be "understood" or "heard" or  wanting to be hugged RIGHT NOW. But apparently, he gets a fundamental chunk of what it's like to be me. I'll take it.