I want to finish, I want to finish…

…but I'm having one of those days that it feels like my gaze and my thoughts are all stuck focused about two feet in front of me. I can't maneuver my attention. Heck, I can't even remember how to spell "maneuver." The internets had to remind me.

Somehow this sort of thing seems to strike when I am just itching to write about 6 posts that are in my head. I just can't access "in my head." Do you know this feeling?
I think this must be the hypoactive side of inattentive. There's food for thought…another day….

I'd like to offer instead a link to a terrific post about time over on Jeff's ADD Mind. Because I'm not sure the decaf is going to wake me up sufficiently, though on the bright side I seem to be able to keep the house vaguely clean today. Is that because my brain is devoid of productive thought?