I forgot that part of my life even existed

Tuesday is currently my Monday- it is my first workday of the week, at least until the end of summer break. Every week I might forget

  • how much of a transition it is from family time to work time
  • how many different slices of the pie are all involved in work time
  • that there is a pie… I mean that my life has a whole bunch of pieces.

I prefer really to think of them as "tracks". Or drawers that I pull out to deal with one at a time. Or I compare them to college classes that you deal with one at a time, but in parallel.

Lately I don't use a grand task list at the moment as I sometimes do. Part of why is that what I have to do is less to remember the individual tasks- I remember them anyways- than it is to remember which "classes" I am "taking," and what is involved in each of them. 

If I have the items on a "master" to do list, it is there, I see it, I read it, I know I will have to pick when to focus on that. But when I get my head inside that whole part of my life, that is different. That's when I can think about doing it. A mentor taught me about having clients touch and feel their projects- mentally or physically- and it is a bit like that. You can't work on everything at once, but you can stay connected to things by looking at the project you aren't working on, and putting it back in the drawer. This is not procrastinating, it is reviewing what's in your life that you are choosing not to do right now.

The funny and weird of the ADHD brain is forgetting entirely that a part of your life exists, even if a related task is on a list or a mental list- the whole feel of it being real just comes back all of a sudden. It feels kind of like remembering that you care. Anyone recognize this? I think it goes to the meat of how you use, or don't use, systems.