Uninterruped Parenting Part 1

I am too cranky to blog! Too cranky for human contact! A while ago I wrote about thinking I hated people – and later realizing it was part of my ADHD. Back then what I needed was more control over my environment, or more specifically, boundaries to provide me with more space – mental, emotional, and/or physical. Too much of other people made me feel like a raw nerve.

I've been feeling that way lately because I've had too much time with my kids. I feel lucky that I've never really had this happen before; I think it was one of my fears before I had them. I worried that I might not be able to tolerate their noises and their needs.

What has turned out, even in times that my usual ADHD management tools are unavailable, that I generally do okay. I have reached my limit lately. It turns out that it's not that I can't tolerate lots of time with my loud, wiggly boys, but that I can't tolerate uninterrupted time with them without reaching the feared sensory and mental overload. My darling husband has been working uninterrupted for the last several weeks, deep into the night and through the weekend. Man, he must be tired. I know I am. What I'm missing is the ability during parts of the each day that I can say to someone else "I gotta go take a minute," or just hand off a babe or two. I miss, as well, knowing that it is coming. 

I feel fortunate that not only can I handle more than I thought, but
to know what it looks like when it gets to be much. I'll talk about some of my coping strategies next time.