Hypersensitive to Noise.

I just found this lovely piece  AD/HD and Hypersensitivities that Terry Matlan posted on her new site, Moms with ADD/ADHD. It, and some of the comments readers posted in response, inspired me to start writing about dealing with supermarkets when you are overwhelmed by the lighting or other aspects of the store. Unfortunately, at the moment, I can't concentrate. I'm at the coffee shop I like to sit and write at, and I forgot my ipod. The
people who work here are washing dishes. I've known from the day this
place opened that the acoustics were awful news for me, so I always
bring music to listen to. Right now they're washing the dishes, and
restacking the clean ones on top of the espresso machine. Porcelain
against steel, in a room with a marble floor and no drapes or anything
else to dampen the noise.

Luckily I know that I have ADHD, and I know that I am very sensitive to noise. A bad connection on the phone can make me feel seasick, and make my eyes tear. My neighbor's stereo can enrage me. The noise right now feels a bit like physical pain. These days I try to contain the steam coming out my ears, and relatively calmly put some music or white noise on myself. Since ADHD means a lack of filters- listening to something that's bothering you is like standing right in front of a stadium concert speaker stack and trying not to hear it. At least I know now that I'm not crazy, but other people, even those close to me, probably won't really be able to understand how painful it it.

The other day a friend with ADHD responded with surprise when I told
them all those sensory hypersensitive quirky things he was describing
could be part of his ADHD. I was surprised myself, because I don't
realize how many people don't know that sensory issues and
hypersensitivities are part of ADHD. I think I've come to the end of this post but now the staff here are clanking some jars and the guy next to me is typing rather loudly, so I think I'd better just sign off before I get too stressed out. Next time, I'll go back for the iPod.