How To fit Exercise in as a parent with ADD?

Here are some ways to fit exercise in:

  1. Make it a priority.
  2. Take what you can get (go for the gray thinking)
  3. Play with your kids
  4. Use housework and yardwork to get physical
  5. Get intense
  6. use time pressure to your advantage
  7. Find support and accountability
  8. Exercise with your kids
  9. Get the structure from someone/something else.

Now translated:

You need to decide, and remember, that exercise is important and why it's important. Then you need to start breaking that down- how much is ideal? How much is worth bothering with? How do I schedule it in? What do I need to have ready?

For point #2, take what you can get- the point is that if you have little time and energy, you need to drop the idea that the ONLY way to get exercise is to have a long block of time in a certain setting. Even if what you are doing is "for now," until the kids are at a different stage- then you will be keeping fit so you can take the opportunity when it comes. Be ready for that opportunity but in the meantime, make your daily living as physical as possible, fit in short exercise bursts where you can. You can

  • mow the lawn
  • do 10-minute workouts on you cable on-demand or online
  • use a computer system (wii fit etc) to exercise alone or with your kids (I know a lot of parents who play computer exercise/sports/dance games with their kids!
  • take family hikes
  • push the stroller or carry your kids on your back!

And for #7 and #9, try

  • lots of moms seem to be using programs on smartphones or ipods that tell them what to do in their (walking/running) workout.  Let someone else tell you what to do!
  • find a running club or walking club (or swimming or biking!)- individual sports where you're expected but it's not a problem if you have a sick kid and have to stay home.
  • find buddies. find online buddies and chat boards where you can report successes in exercise!

Get intense, #5, means- sometimes it helps to find exercise where you get the most bang for your buck- something intense like running, as long as you're cleared to do it by your doctor etc.

What do I do as a mom right now? I'm in physical therapy so I can return to more workouts after an injury. I walk up and down the hill around the corner as often as I can and try to keep the pace up! I chase my kids around the yard, try to do SOME yardwork, and hope to add more as I can!


What are you doing to get exercise and how is it working?