What I Do: Holding A Space

Continuing on from last week's post, one thing I do as an ADHD coach is to hold a certain space for my clients. 

I hold a space for each client to discover and flesh out what's
now, and what's next. For many people, this is the only space that is
non-pathologizing; it's not about what's "wrong" with you, but simply,
how you work and what's best for you. It is a non-pre-judgemental
space. What I mean by that, is that if you are struggling to keep a job
or finish a degree- but aren't happy doing it, I don't assume that it
is best for you to either continue on the current path nor that it is
best for you to change direction. I am extremely curious about what you will find is best for you, and I support you in that. 

Just to clarify, some coaching clients also work with a therapist, or have in the past. Therapy and coaching can complement each other, and sometimes I help clients work out what they want to talk about with me versus the therapist. It's not that one is better than the other- they just work differently, and coaching is not considered "health care."