Getting TO the workout

As promised, some of the ways I get the workout done. This time: getting to the workout. Literally, getting to the workout- that’s my strategy.

My job is to get to the door with my gear in hand, or on my body.
That’s my job.
That’s my only responsibility.

The whole driving-to-the-gym-changing-using-machines-then-the-elliptical-then-stretching-then-showering?
That’s my future self’s responsibility. Right now, while I’m trying to get my exercise happening? Just get to the door.

Then once I get to the door… well, time to drive to the gym. That’s all. Just drive there.
Revise as appropriate for the workout (just walk down the street for your warmup. Just stretch. etc. etc.)

The point is to stop getting in my own way by thinking too much. If I think through the whole workout process, I do it in my head, but somehow I’m still sitting there, thinking about doing it. And talking myself out of it. And back into it. And. back. out. of. it. I’m a one-woman debate team. Debate teams aren’t about action. Debate teams don’t get me sweating. So I put the interpretation of whether/when/why/where I should work out on hold and just get to the front door.