Enthusiasm inversly proportional to energy?

It's one of those days that I wake up thinking I want to go do a bunch of errands! and I'm excited about it! and I start the morning frantically trying to decide which one and oh! That is actually a pretty good sign that I am too tired to set foot near any of those errands. Target is a pretty disasterous place when I may be too tired to stick to my list or make decisions- which are things that happen when I am tired generally. For that matter, when I am too tired for those things, chances are I am going to get overwhelmed by the store environment itself. And the process of getting there which will likely involve deciding every two minutes that I do want to go to Target and not do one of the other six things in my head to do because wow! errands are exciting!

At least I (often) know the warning signs these days and I am not wandering aimlessly through a gigantic store sure to come home with not quite what I needed in the first place.

And you know, days like these are a lot shorter than I think they are anyways. I probably didn't have time to go anyways.