Embrace the ADHD Weirdness

I deal with mindfulness a lot with my adhd coaching clients but not necessarily in the obvious ways. One of the moments that seems like it's key is remembering that you often forget that you have ADHD.   This seems pretty weird. But then, that' s another key moment: realizing that the actual effects of ADHD on your functioning are pretty weird.  Once people start to realize that- and go with it- they can start to build on what they know. But you have to realize that it might not be expected; it might be odd. Like the fact that you just simply forget you have ADHD- and you have to remember the ADHD to plan your day realistically (and effectively). It makes sense that we forget this if we have some memory issues, which are part of ADHD. It just seems pretty odd to most people I work with, even if they know it's true. How can they forget the basics about themselves?

And the good news: after a while you can start to trust yourself.  You will know that you have to remember…some things…before you plan.