Declutter Action Group

I'm starting a new group program in August called the Declutter Action Group. I wanted to tell you a little about how it works, and why I'm doing it.

years I've used a strategy for getting certain kinds of things done: I
tell someone "hey, I'm going to deal with this annoying pile of papers
right NOW!"
This has often worked best with one of my sisters. We
are both business owners, and we both hate dealing with things like
piles of paper on our desks that need to be sorted, filed, destroyed,
answered, or otherwise processed- but we like working at relatively
orderly desks where we can find things we need. So sometimes we'll call
each other- or e-mail- or in the last couple of years, chat online, and
one of us will say "hey I have this terrible pile of papers to deal
with." The other will reply. "Ok great! Deal with some and call/email
me back and tell me you did it!"
It works.It works for getting
through laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, dealing with a backlog of
phone calls. It works to have someone know what you're doing. It helps
that you're committing to a short burst of work at one time. It helps
to check in. It helps to vent frustration, and break down the steps (or
step) you're taking next so you don't get overwhelmed.

 I've worked with enough ADHD (and non-ADHD) coaching clients to
find out that this kind of approach is strangely, magically powerful
for some people.  Most people do best when they commit to a certain
time to do these annoying and ADHD-unfriendly tasks, but committing to
it only works, or works best, if there is someone besides themselves

This simple strategy is one that I've often wanted to
be able to share with other people. A group can be encouraging, and
most of us don't have people who "get it" at our disposal in our
everyday lives. As a coach, I feel like this is a way I can offer
support that doesn't have to cost a lot, and can help a lot. This isn't
a group where I tell you how you should do something (though I can help
you break down what you're going to do). There are groups and programs
for that – but I really wanted to do something for people who have
already figured certain strategies out, just need some support carrying
out the tasks.

And so I came up with the Declutter Action Group. Here's how it works:
You commit to a series of three Thursday mornings (this time round. I
will offer it at different times in the future.) from 9:30-noon. You
bring the projects or piles you want to work on, at home or in your
office. If you're a bit stuck, or over-ambitious, we have half an hour
from 9:30-10 to chat (online) through it a bit and define the step
you'll take next. From 10-11 the whole group gets to work! At 11:00 you
get back on the web chat and me and the group what you got done, and
what's next. From 11:05- 11:55, it's back to decluttering! And at 11:55
we get back online and close it up- what are the final steps, like
clean-up, or driving to Goodwill? Are you going to buy some supplies
for the next week?

That's it. I made it 3 weeks because that's enough time to really
make an dent in something, and clear some clutter, but it is short
enough to commit to. It's all online, so you can do this while your kid
is yelling, or in the office without your coworkers hearing all about
it. Here are some of the things I would work on in a time frame like

-receipts I haven't logged (and may have lying around in half a dozen bags) for my business

-the papers I really need to get rid of on my desk

-the addresses and contact info I need to move from the old computer to the new system

-the kitchen drawer that is causing me grief because it's full of crap

You get the idea. If it sounds like it will help you, please come join me. We have a super early-bird special for this first offering available for the next few days, so please check it out.