Coming ADHD Events!

Just wanted to keep you in loop on a couple of ADHD events I'm working on right now.

First up is the Virtual AD/HD Conference. I'll be speaking on becoming a parent with ADHD, and there are a slew of terrific speakers. If you like listening while you goof off (or fold laundry) and don't leave home- you can still register here.

Next up is a nifty ADHD Awareness week event that I'm taking part in. It's the ADHD Awareness Expo, and you can register (for free) here. Soon you should be able to find a video interview with yours truly on the site. It's basically like a virtual expo floor- with info from all kinds of people who do ADHD-related work.

And I will have ONE slot upcoming for individual coaching, check out the basics on my coaching site at and then e-mail me to get the ball rolling. I also have some group coaching options- I am putting together a list for a new group. Again, check out my site and e-mail me at becca (at) coachbecca (dot) com.

Happy Fall!