What I Do #2: Cheering You On

Cheer you on

not sure how much explanation this needs- but I cheer my clients on –
in whatever onward means for them. It might mean detours or times they
feel they're not making progress, but they may be finding out a lot and
doing a lot that they don't notice at first. I don't cheer you on
towards my goal for you; I cheer you on towards your own best.

I think this one is funny because I am not super-duper rah-rah-rah about all things. But I love encouraging people. And I think many people, and especially people with ADHD, have trouble noticing, acknowledging, and connecting with their own accomplishments. This can be especially hard when the things that are hard for you, and hence, significant when you do them, are simple (or seemingly simple) for other people. It's important to stop and notice them, so you can see when you are making progress rather than writing it off. Noticing accomplishments can also be motivating and encouraging, even when we resist it.