Breaking Routines to Prioritize

With ADHD, it's great to have routines if they work for you. But as I've talked about lately, they have to shift with life.

Recently I set up a routine to try with my blogging. I defined topics in advance, so I could focus right in and write when I wanted to. I aimed for a certain number of posts per week, and told some buddies. I put it in my calendar, so I'd squeeze it in even when my schedule was tight.

Now I know this works great for me.

But while I'm looking for more help with my business, and looking after some kids who don't go to sleep all that easily (ahem, understatement), I can let go of some of the weight I'm putting on this area. I don't want to push in this area when I'm trying to maximize rest, find some new support for my business, and as always, put clients first in my business time.

Often I find clients struggling because they feel like they set up a system and they aren't following through consistently with it. I have to remind myself, as well, of what I know already; I now know a great way of structuring my writing efforts to get what I want done. So when the time is right, I'll use it. When it's not, it goes on the backburner. And that's one area I don't need to beat myself up about! It's about smart choices- and limited time in the day.