Adult ADHD and ADHD Coaching on TV

I was recently contacted by a producer at Chronicle, a tv news magazine here in Boston, asking if I’d contribute to their show on Adult ADHD and ADHD Coaching. I was thrilled! And terrified! And mostly happy to have the opportunity to hopefully help more people who may or may not realize they have ADHD. I got to share some of my own quirky version of ADHD and strategies- which is also what I adore about coaching and supporting others with ADHD. I love people’s weird ways of doing well when they focus on what works for them. Now I had two days to prepare- I mean literally, I was interviewed by phone and had two days warning before when they wanted to interview me at the house. At my house! Talk about how to focus me on cleaning up a bit! (Honestly I could have said no, let’s wait until next week, but that would just give me a weekend of small children at home making more creative messes). I always talk to people about strategies for cleaning up the house like inviting people over, but this one takes several cakes. It is a strategy that could get renovations done if it involved more warning.

I’m linking to the segments here; the four segments comprise the whole 30-minute show put together, and I’m mostly in the second segment, though it is all worth watching. You can watch me using some funky reading strategies, and hear about at least one of my favorite strategies that a client came up with. (This is the one I’m in mostly)


After we taped my part of the show at my house, I also got to work on updating my website. It was in the works anyways- with a three-month goal. We didn’t talk much about parenting in the show, but it has taught me a lot about prioritizing in a very new way. When I went in and looked at the files on my old website, it was clear that my memory served me correctly- I had moved what I needed to over to a new platform when my first was a baby. The priorities were the kid and the clients- but my old site needed to be moved rapidly, so I focused on essentials, and it did the job. Before kids, I could spend all my free time playing around with graphics software and so on. After kids, I don’t have free time, I have kid time.

In essence we did the same thing with the new site but it is a lot lovelier- and though the details aren’t perfect yet, it was up and running in time for the show, to be closer to current, with some amazing help including Kristal Reagan, who also expected a three-month timeline. So the site is up, the blog is moving to within my main coaching website, and editing will continue. It is amazing working with a team.

I think the show was pretty darned good. I would have loved to share more strategies with people, so I’ll just have to do that here.