ADHD and Food Part 1

It's food and diet week over here. How do you eat well with ADHD?

Before we get into what eating "well" is, let's talk about some "dietary" struggles with ADHD:

  • Forgetting to eat
  • Not noticing that you're hungry
  •  Forgetting that you noticed that you're hungry 
  • Not noticing what you are eating (or that you are still eating it)

and finally…

  • Forgetting that you are eating, or were eating before you wandered off to the bathroom and then started doing something else.

A more complex part of managing memory and food is to know what times are mealtimes in general, and to structure your day and activities around that. The advantage of doing so is that you have something to organize around- and that then you can start to think about what you put "in the engine" as my 3 year-old aptly puts it, and make sure it gets there before you crash and burn because you're out of fuel.

As a side note, some people are concerned, if they are thinking about taking ADD meds that they won't eat well because of their appetite suppression. While I have found that this can be an issue with my clients, I've also found that it can be more than outweighed by the ability to remember to eat, and to plan ahead. (I am not advocating for or against medication. Just noting what my clients report!)