ADHD and difficulty making friends #3

3. People with ADHD have difficulty knowing or remembering relevant
boundaries in relationships. It is much harder to have a good
relationship with someone if you forget or don't realize (or
impulsively ignore) that you don't want to share certain personal
information with them. Also related to this is the fact that not
everyone needs to know everything about us and we don't have to connect
on every level to everyone. It is ok to make distinctions based on the
kind of relationship. This makes it a lot easier to like people and for
them to connect to you without either person being overwhelmed.

I feel like there is a lot more to say here, but these are some of
the points that have come up a lot in my coaching work. It is possible
to have good relationships when we don't expect them all to work the
same way and we have some good self-awareness in our social lives.