A Word On Not Finishing Reading That Book

Just a word about reading today, because SO many people with ADHD beat up on themselves about not reading a lot, or reading books from start to finish.

I find it
intensely weird, but ever true that some things are so easy to read, and I fly through them, but others are like pulling fingernails out (and I still can't remember what I read) . I have come to believe that this is one
of those things I have to have faith in; this is just the way things
are. It isn't something you did or chose or tried to make happen that
way. I think that's what we all get ourselves in a bind and worried
about; we think we made it up, because it is so very odd, or that we
made it happen, because it doesn't seem to make sense, or that we're
just not trying hard enough to read. Reality is, trying harder to read
doesn't make reading work any differently.
I'm ripping right through a book of short stories right now because I
do like it, but even a fairly short article on something I'm not so
into can be painful.

It's okay not to read everything. It doesn't make you a better person.
It's just hard for some of us to read things that don't fascinate us. And we might get what we need out of it from just one chapter or a quick skim, because again, it seems to be how we're built. In that case, why bother wasting the agony on it?