A Critical Eye for Adopting Systems and Tools

I want to post a review of a free online resource for keeping up with household stuff, but before I do that I want to talk about my take on what I'd call pre-fab systems. A lot of people (coaches, professional organizers, etc) have specific systems and tools they like to recommend or set up with clients. A lot of clients look for the one thing that will solve their organizational problems. I don't tend to recommend solve-everything approaches. My take is pretty generally that a
given system might work for some and not for others, or part of it
might work for you and part might not be appropriate. I think it is
super important for people (especially those with ADHD) to look at the
fit of a system or tool they read about or purchase critically, so that 

don't get swept away in awe of its novelty, putting loads of time into

and using it, only to crash and burn when the daily effort
and/or boredom outshine the newness of it

(b) they don't put a
lot of effort and will into using something that is all wrong for them,
and then beat themselves up for failing once again

Now that you've got a little background, I'll give you my review next time!