This site has been designed specifically for adults who struggle with ADHD, Executive Function, and organizational challenges.

It’s for people who want more. It’s for people who want to excel without the constant hindrance of distraction, impulsivity, or forgetfulness.

Can you relate at all?

Have you too started a million projects? Do love so many different things that sometimes your direction is confounded? And do you do things your way? Have you ever been so determined to reach your goals that your social connections have been stunted?

You probably know deep down that you can get so much farther ahead with the support of another person. You’re looking for a sounding board and someone by your side, to help you figure it all out. You know that with that little extra something, you can get it done. You know that your past doesn’t need to predict your future. Your future can be very different.

That’s where the support, knowledge and accountability from a dedicated coach comes in. We can work together so you’re able to:

  • Stick with your priorities
  • Learn how you function best
  • Notice opportunities instead of challenges
  • Increase your reserves
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Do more of what works
  • Increase resilience
  • Get and stay organized

How does it work? Click here to see how I can help.

And stick around the site for a bit and make yourself at home. Click here to check out my own thoughts about thinking, coaching, and ADHD and click here to find wonderful resources available for the ADHD community.